Teaching and Learning

Reflecting on Semester One Reports

In reviewing the Semester One reports it was gratifying to note that nearly 25% of students were able to achieve above a 4.0, that is above a B standard, for their Application Grade Average.  That is a sizable chunk of our students putting in a strong effort consistently across their classes in order to make effective use of their opportunities to learn here at St Edmund’s. Of special note are the 8 boys who earned straight A’s for application across all of their subjects. Well done to these boys and, in terms of cohorts, well done to the Year 12’s who had the highest average Application Grade Average, just beating out the Year 8’s to the top spot. For those who like keeping track of such things, the top performing House by Application Grade Average was Mulrooney, followed by Clancy, then O’Brien, Rice, Treacy and, lastly, Haydon House.

While the Application Grade results are cause for praise to a large extent, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t also evidence that we have significant room for improvement. I’d like to get to the stage where a majority of our students average a B or higher for Application. We want our students to feel a sense of ownership of their learning. This starts with an understanding of the learning behaviours that lead to academic growth, and builds through consistent application of these behaviours throughout the days and weeks of a school year. I would encourage parents and students to chat with each other and with staff about Application Grades, and if you have any questions or feedback, to please let me know.

Tim Bibbens
Assistant Principal – Teaching & Learning