U15 Blues Football- Moving Up

U15 Blues Football- Moving Up

A massive congratulations to our Mighty U15 Blues Football team who have been promoted from Division 2 to Division 1! They had their first match in this division on Saturday and by all accounts absolutely smashed it. We are so excited to see where this team will go in this season and beyond.

These boys will also make up the team for our Football 2020 tour to the UK.

Congratulations also to the coaches and manager of the team- Sam Young, Arnold Choi and Georgie McGrath. The support of families and the Eddies community is so important so we acknowledge the work of all those who are behind our boys.

Thank you also the Football committee, particularly our club President Jason Augur who worked behind the scenes to ensure that this promotion and acknowledgement of the work of our boys occurred- this is an amazing achievement and something that each boy in the U15s should be proud of.

Best of luck U15 Blues! Go Eddies!

Carmela Wilson