Unplugging from Technology

Phones and laptops are marvellous inventions that help us in our day-to-day lives. However, some of us are spending far too much time in the technological web, where we can avoid our real lives in favour of viewing things through a screen. We begin to reject and distort our needs such as meal times and sleeping, and it has progressively detrimental effect that we may barely notice.

Reviewing the role of technology: Many experts state that you should just ‘get rid of’ any technology around you. However, going cold turkey isn’t a possible plan as technology is a useful tool for our work and for getting in contact with others. It’s more a matter of putting technology in its place; controlling it, rather than letting it control us. There are ways we can switch off without actually turning everything off and sitting in the dark.

Delete unnecessary apps and programs, and turn off notifications: Sometimes our phones and computers have too many apps that distract us. Certain games will pop up with notifications letting you know that you haven’t played in a while. Deleting those apps and programs will stop those distracting messages.

Keep your devices out of sight: When doing such things as reading or eating, set aside any devices that might cause you to be distracted, particularly when you are in the company of other people. Keep your phone in your bag or your tablet stored away so that you’re not tempted to check it every few minutes.

Set aside certain times of the day for technology: Choose certain times that you go online so that it becomes a habit. For example, no longer checking the online world before going to bed so that your mind can learn to relax.

Why should we remove ourselves from technology? It has been discovered that the more people are caught up in the online world, the worse they feel about themselves or others. Feelings such as jealousy, envy and loneliness seem to power up the more you turn that power on. Not only do those emotions surge forward, feelings of ‘missing out’ will also come to the forefront. As we get used to be able to communicate easily though social media, we begin to worry that we’re missing out on important discussions when we’re not online. This can lead to anxiety and difficultly sleeping as we imagine what others are doing while we’re away from the keyboard.

Staff are continually talking to the boys about these issues across all areas of the curriculum.

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Klara Manenica
Head of Mulrooney House

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