Walkathon 2019 – Sponsorship and Prizes

Walkathon 2019 – Sponsorship and Prizes

As term 2 winds down, our fundraising and sponsorship needs to gear up as we prepare for you walkathon on July 31st. Please encourage your son to get sponsored for completing the event, we are aiming to raise a minimum of $30 per student.

The students and staff have voted and the nominated project includes classroom refurbishment. In collaborating with the College Captains and the College Leadership Team, we are hoping to raise enough money for a charging station in the library, new pin boards, maintenance of current classrooms and more. We would love to be able to also add basketball hoops in the school grounds.  We cannot do this without the support and generosity of our students and their families and friends.

A massive thank you to the Old Boys and Friend’s Association for their generous donation of $500 which is to contribute to prizes for our boys – recipients of prizes will be for raising the most money and teams who also raise the most.  Thank you to the Association for their generosity and support of this event.

If your son has misplaced his walkathon card, please feel free to let me, his teacher or his Head of House know so that we may arrange another copy.

If you or another member of the community would like to sponsor your son online, you can access the payment options HERE which is on the College website.  When selecting ‘walkathon’ the family code required can simply be the full name of the student you would like to sponsor.

If you have any questions about the day, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Thank you for your constant support.

Carmela Wilson