Walkathon 2019

Walkathon 2019

Last year, we raised $18,000 through Walkathon sponsorship and other initiatives which was used to paint and fix the Hall in the holidays. The space or project money raised went towards was nominated by the students. This year, we are asking the students where they would like to see again.

In coming weeks, House Captains will survey each House in the High School and classes in the Junior School to get a sense of what money raised this year should go towards. Boys will then receive their Walkathon card which must be filled in by the end of term. This sponsorship card involves students obtaining the name and pledged amount of a donor- this can be from neighbours, family and friends. The pledged amount will then need to be collected prior to the end of term and deposited in the Finance office at the College. Online payments are also possible and this information will be on the Pledge card the boys will receive.

The Walkathon will occur on July 31st in term 3. We have this term to get our ideas going and funds collected which is exciting for all of us in the Eddies community. It is important for our boys to have their say about where they feel the money raised should go. With this will come a sense of ownership and pride. We look forward to seeing where this term will take us!

Watch this space for more news about pledge cards, projects and more!

Carmela Wilson

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