Wearing it well: Honouring our College name

The Statement of Eddies Pride is our student code of conduct and it identifies the high standards that we hold ourselves to at St Edmund’s College. Summarised, the statement challenges our boys to achieve their personal best, to invest in positive relationships with everyone, to contribute to a positive learning environment, to honour our College name, and to reflect the College motto, Christus Lux Mea. By promoting these actions to our boys, we will inevitably unite as a school community and further improve our good standing within the local community.

Honouring our College name, reputation and facilities can involve many different aspects of school life. One way that all boys do this every school day is the way they wear their uniform and comply with our expectations and polices around hair, jewellery and footwear. The guidelines for the College Uniform Policy can be found here https://sec.act.edu.au/enrolments/college-uniform/.

In addition, students are also required to pay proper attention to their appearance and the following is from the Student Wellbeing Handbook:
Hair should be kept neat, tidy and clean at all times and not grown or styled in an extreme or exaggerated fashion.
Hair should be above the shoulder in length (above the bottom of the school shirt collar) and no shorter than a number “two”.
Students are not allowed to have lines or designs shaved into their hair or facial hair, nor grow long sections of hair that can be fashioned into “top buns”, plaits, dreadlocks, braids, “rats tails” or “mohawks” or “mullets” etc.
Hair should be evenly graded and/or blended, of natural colour, worn off the face and should not obstruct sight. Hair requiring to be tied back off the face may be necessary but only as a “low bun”.
Students must be clean shaven every day.
If a haircut, hairstyle or hair colouring does not meet school expectations then students will be asked to adjust it accordingly, parents may receive a letter via email from their son’s tutor alerting them to the issue and asking for it to be rectified. In extreme cases students will be asked to go home until the hair/style/colour has been changed to meet the school requirements.
No visible body adornment or art such as body piercings, jewellery, keepers or tattoos are permitted. Earrings and studs of any kind are not acceptable. Covering a piercing or earring with a keeper or band-aid is unacceptable.
The College has the final say on what is deemed to be acceptable in regard to these guidelines.

Other relevant issues

  • In cases of genuine financial hardship where prompt rectification of a uniform infringement is difficult, appropriate support will be provided once the school is made aware of the situation.
  • At all times the College uniform is to be worn properly by students. This includes traveling to and from school and while at school. This not only includes the various parts of the uniform, but how the uniform is worn, shirts should be completely tucked in at all times (top button and ties done up properly, as well as shoes being polished and clean). Blazers are to be worn to and from school in Term 2 and 3.
  • A written note to your son’s Head of House or Junior School teacher is expected if any exemption is necessary. The exemption will only be granted for a brief period of time. In addition to the school uniform, the College requires adherence to its expectations regarding appearance including hairstyles.
  • The College has the final say on what is deemed unacceptable or inappropriate.

Our College uniform can be a source of great pride to both current students and the men who have gone before them. Wearing the uniform well ensures that boys demonstrate their commitment to the College, honouring its name and reputation. It is one of the many ways we ask our boys to live out the Statement of Eddies Pride every day.

Anna Blore 
Head of O’Brien House