What did we learn from 2021?

2021 – Lessons Learnt

We try our upmost in Humanities to bring the content to life and we use real life examples when teaching the theory. Based on this, what have we learnt from 2021 that we can use for future classes?

In the Commerce based subjects, we have learnt that the share market continues to be volatile. The boys in Year 11 and 12 Economics played the ASX Share Market Game and found by the end of the 3 months, only 10% of them made a profit. Their comments were: ‘you either buy shares and ignore them for a couple of years or read everyday what is happening to try and keep up’. The World of Money boys learnt that all the businesses should always have a Plan B. Their planning for Market Day, a good few weeks of planning, was futile as the day was cancelled due to Covid; something all businesses in Australia were impacted by in real life.

In Legal Studies and Geography, we were watching COP26 eagerly to see the impact this will have on the future of Australia’s climate change strategy. What would our future laws look like and what impact will these changes have the Australian government’s climate change strategy and thereby businesses? These were questions we discussed in class.

In History, we looked at lessons learnt from the past and to the political conflicts which are brewing around the world. Is the Cold War repeating itself? By analysing events that have occurred in the past, we can try and predict what might happen in the future, and often hope, that history does not repeat itself.

Kylie Rose
Head of Humanities and Social Science