When did you stop dancing?

As life gets busier there is a tendency to focus on what we perceive to be important and give up on what is deemed less important. When this happens we can often be left with the things that are causing us stress and losing those so called optional things. But when we give up things we can be giving up the things that nourish us and replenish rather than deplete our resources. This can lead to unhappiness and sometimes exhaustion.

So it is time to rethink on what we have given up, especially in these difficult time when we are being asked to maintain social distancing. We may have not been able to maintain contact with our friends and relatives that would have nourished our souls.

It is important to recognise that some activities that are enjoyable and relaxing are important to schedule in to our lives as they can lift our mood, energise us, create a positive sense of self and importantly protect us from becoming unwell both physically and mentally.

So if you have stopped dancing, singing, playing or any activity that brought you joy it is time to start again.

Linda James
College Counsellor

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