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Vibrant Spirit.  Strong Character.  Tailored Learning.

St Edmund’s College Canberra, a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition has been educating boys from Year 4 to Year 12 for 70 years. Since 1954, the College has seen over 11,000 boys grow into fine young men with generations of families passing through the halls.

We strive to deliver a holistic Catholic education for boys which incorporates academic, faith, sporting and extra curricular pursuits. We believe in preparing boys for life, helping them focus on their strengths and better themselves as individuals in the years they spend at the College.

Boys need a sense of empowerment and engagement at school with many opportunities in order to succeed. We offer an extensive choice of subjects, a wide variety of co-curricular options, both sporting and cultural and the opportunity to engage with the community through social justice programs. We believe the relevance of what the boys are learning is particularly important so the curriculum continually evolves to reflect changing academic, career and trade opportunities.

When boys attend St Edmund’s, their families become a part of the vibrant and diverse community, creating an atmosphere that extends beyond the school ground.

We encourage each student’s personal development and to achieve his personal best. Students develop the skill of teamwork, the art of winning and losing gracefully, the understanding that everything improves through practice and how to focus and work towards personal goals.