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College Fees

 Years 4 & 5Year 6Year 7Years 8 & 9Years 10 & 11Year 12
General Levy$2,100$2,270$2,270$2,700$3,000$3,200
Building Fund* (per family)$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000
Total Annual Fees (including Building Fund)$6,720$7,970$8,170$9,940$10,880$11,200

Payments can be debited from a nominated bank account or credit card at the intervals outlined above. A personalised payment plan can be arranged by contacting the Finance Office via or on 6295 3598.

* Each family is asked to contribute $250 per term to the College Building Fund. This payment is voluntary and tax deductible. The Building Fund finances the maintenance and refurbishment of the College’s facilities.

Sibling Discounts

Families with more than one child attending the College are eligible for the following discounts on the tuition component of the fees:

First Child – no discount
Second Child – 20% discount on Tuition
Third Child – 50% discount on Tuition
Fourth Child – 100% discount on Tuition

General Levy

The General Levy covers a range of costs including sports carnivals, ICT infrastructure and programs, bookhire, student printing (up to $100/year), local excursions (up to $25/excursion), Co-curricular costs (up to $100/activity), student accident insurance, subject consumables and publications such as the College Calendar and Yearbook.

Student Withdrawal

Parents wishing to withdraw their child from St Edmund’s College are required to write to the Principal and provide notice of one full school term. If this notice is not provided a full school term will be charged.

Parents of Year 12 students seeking early departure to undertake work or an apprenticeship, who are eligible for an ACT Senior Secondary Certificate, are required to pay the annual fees in full.