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Youth Ministry

As a follow up to the retreat experiences that students receive, they have the opportunity to complete Youth Ministry units of study within the Religious Education Course. These units give students the chance to further understand the Catholic Faith Tradition and develop vision and skills in Youth Ministry. Youth Ministry students conduct retreats for Junior School as well as whole school liturgies, such as the College Easter Liturgy, and Year 6 Confirmation retreats.

Due to the interest of other schools around Australia in offering the Youth Ministry course, Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia (CSYMA) was formed. Through this the Youth Ministry four-phase program is applied at the College:

Phase one: The initial retreat experience where students are introduced to Youth Ministry. Typically, the first Youth Ministry experience of a student will be a “Catch The Wave” retreat in Year 9 or 10.

Phase two: Participation in the Youth Ministry units of study which are incorporated into the Religious Education Curriculum at CSYMA schools. These classes are usually offered to students who have had a positive retreat experience and desire further opportunities and information within Youth Ministry.

Phase three: Focuses on the Senior Youth Ministry Team. This is made up of Year 11 and 12 students who conduct retreats and liturgies to provide a phase one experience for younger students. The Senior Team are also candidates for cross-cultural mission trips.

Phase four: Aims to carry on Youth Ministry after a student finishes school. Its goal is to connect youth into the broader Church including Parish/Diocesan events.