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Inspired by the charism of Edmund Rice the St Edmund’s College Foundation was established to give financial assistance to marginalised or disadvantaged families so that the cost of educating their sons would be alleviated.

Since its inception in 1988 the Foundation has supported the education of over 100 young men at St Edmund’s College in Canberra.

Your donation to the Foundation will enable families in need of help in educating their sons leaving a lasting legacy that will benefit current students as well as students for generations to come.

The Foundation’s aim is to:

  • support families who are experiencing financial barriers that may limit their ability to provide an Edmund Rice Education for their sons.
  • provide appropriate fee relief to ensure the boys have the quality education that they deserve.
  • offer support to families in times of crisis, so students are able continue their education at St Edmund’s College without disruption.


Making a philanthropic gift to the College enables countless opportunities for future generations of Eddies students, including your own child. Our students will enjoy an exceptional and vibrant education that will set them up for a bright and prosperous future.

Your gift allows the College to fulfil its vision of a world where we can provide an education which challenges young men to be the best they can be and opens doors to their future.


Donations of $2 or more to the St Edmund’s College Foundation are tax deductible in Australia.


Those who have experienced the special quality of St Edmund’s can make bequests to the College, so we can continue to deliver excellence in education in Edmund Rice tradition.

For more information on how to donate contact foundation@sec.act.edu.au or 6239 0647.