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College Counsellor

St Edmund’s College offers a counselling program to all students from Year 4 to Year 12. The service is available to parents who may wish to discuss concerns regarding their child’s development and wellbeing or are wishing to seek information relating to issues around the care of their child, parenting or family life.

The school counsellor works very closely with teachers and is a member of the Student Wellbeing Team. The counsellor also provides advice about the development of students in the school to maximise learning and engagement.

Matters discussed in counselling are kept confidential. In general, this means that no confidential information about students will be released without the student’s consent. However, legally and ethically, counsellors are required to release information if it is necessary to protect a student from risk of harm or abuse. Sometimes it is helpful to share information to enable the best outcome for a student; this is first discussed with the student concerned.

Should a referral to the counsellor needs to be made, please contact your child’s Head of House, who will provide all necessary details.