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Student Wellbeing

At St Edmund’s College, our wellbeing focus is on primary prevention and intervention to reduce the incidence and effects of mental health problems in our students.

We aim to empower our students to enable a sense of connectedness, meaning, accomplishment and zest for life. We seek to help build confidence, self-esteem and resilience in order for our students to approach future life experiences, opportunities and challenges with self-assurance and energy. Our pastoral care program aims to buffer the effects of adverse life events by building protective factors within the individual, through the teaching of life skills. The pastoral care team is currently reviewing other areas that the principles of wellbeing can be taught to the students within the school environment.

Eddies Pride has been a foundation of the school for 66 years and our statements show how we have chosen to capture this as we grow in to the future.

Eddies Pride is…

  • Striving to achieve my personal best, showing resilience and engagement
  • Investing in respectful, positive relationships with everyone in my College and wider community
  • Contributing to a constructive learning environment and meeting College expectations
  • Honouring our College name, reputation and facilities
  • Reflecting the College motto, Christus Lux Mea, in all that I do and say
Through staff and student consultation, the Statement of Eddies Pride was developed and now provides a series of expectations that our entire College Community can continually strive to achieve.
Through pride in ourselves, each other and our college, St Edmund’s nurtures young men who are filled with Vibrant Spirit and Strong Character.