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Kath Durie Junior Library

The Kath Durie Junior Library caters for boys in Years 4, 5 and 6. The teacher-librarian maintains a vibrant and relevant collection with an excellent selection of fiction in many genre. The collection of non-fiction information books covering a wide range of academic and popular topics are regularly updated.

The library is staffed by a highly experienced teacher- librarian with extensive experience in school and research libraries. The teacher-librarian works closely with the students encouraging them to explore the fun, enjoyment and appreciation of reading for pleasure. The comfortable and colourful layout of the library is a welcoming place where students can find a place to sit and read. The teacher- librarian assists classes and individual students in their research tasks integrating digital and traditional research methods, and print and digital resources to facilitate an enriched learning and research outcome.


  • A great range of fiction books.
  • Comics, Graphic Novels, Picture Books.
  • A wide range of non-fiction books.
  • ebooks (Kobo), iPads.
  • Quick Read collection.
  • Promotion of new release fiction books including student written Book Reviews.
  • Computer Laboratory and access to the Internet.
  • Class set of laptops.
  • Online Resources including World Book online.
  • Black and white, and colour photocopying and printing facilities.

The Right Book for Me
Students are encouraged to develop their experience of reading for pleasure which in turn, enables them to become more confident readers. As books come in all sizes, have different literary qualities and relate to different types of stories and information, students are encouraged to borrow the ‘right book’ for their reading purpose.

Students borrow from the Library for personal reading, DEAR (silent reading in class) and to research assignments. Students can generally borrow a combination of fiction of non-fiction books. However in accordance with the Library curriculum the teacher-librarian may instruct students to borrow only from specific sections of the collection at specific times during a term.

The borrowing period is two weeks.Students are encouraged to return books when they have finished reading them. Books can be returned during library lessons or whenever the library is open. Students who wish to continue reading a book beyond the two week borrowing period should speak to the teacher-librarian. Some books that are popular and heavily borrowed might be able to be put on reserve.

Library Bag
All students are asked to carry the library books in a library bag. This helps to protect the books, and CDs as they travel between school and home. The college Library Bag be purchased from our Uniform Shop.

Digital Resources – Computer Labs and Laptops
Students in Years 4-6 are required to complete class assignments and develop skills in research. In addition to the class ICT lessons, the teacher librarian co-teaches with each classroom teacher in the areas of developing student’s appreciation of research and the efficient use of digital technology. These lessons are designed to improve the student’s information literacy and research skills using digital technology including:

  • Typing skills
  • File management
  • Guided research tasks
  • Website evaluation
  • Creating bibliographies and avoiding plagiarism
  • Cyber safety
  • The Information Literacy Process

Brother E.C. Field Senior Library

‘A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life’ – Henry Ward Beecher

The Brother E.C. Field Senior Library supports teachers and caters for students from Years 7 to 12. The central role of the library is to support the spiritual, academic and pastoral programmes of the College. Students are encouraged to become confident and competent in the use of a variety of resources and to develop skills for lifelong learning.


  • YA fiction, graphic novels, picture books, quality literature, biography, popular magazines and fact books to support recreational reading and curriculum needs.
  • Non-fiction, reference and periodical collections to support the SEC curriculum.
  • eResources can be accessed through the Library page on Canvas and include subject databases, online encyclopaedias, subscribed website services, newspapers, periodicals, bibliography and referencing generators and links to subject resources.
  • Games, puzzles and quizzes for recreational use.

Teacher Librarians

  • Select resources to suit Australian Curriculum, SEC curriculum and literature interests of students.
  • Support teachers and classes in: resourcing for assignments; use of eResources; teaching of information literacy and research skills, referencing, academic honesty and digital citizenship and promotion of literature and wide reading in English.
  • Encourage the strengthening of a reading culture through engagement with students, book clubs and activities around reading.
  • Offer assistance and maintain spaces and an environment supportive of senior boys study needs and AST preparation.

Information Technology and Audio Visual
The physical library facilities include two teaching areas, a computer lab containing networked computers, a set of library laptops, printers, colour scanner and photocopier. We offer a comfortable tech free reading area, two seminar rooms as well as a large variety of audio-visual hardware resources and provision of educational video via ClickView.