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Strategic Vision 2019 – 2021

St Edmund’s College is a dynamic Catholic all boys school, an inclusive educational community committed to living the message of Jesus Christ. We educate and develop boys into young men according to the values and experiences of a Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition.

Our Vision

Our Vision at St Edmund’s College is to develop boys into young men of strong character, by building a spirit of …

      GROWTH through Liberating Education

      HOPE through Gospel Spirituality

      BELONGING through Inclusive Community

      SERVICE through Justice and Solidarity

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a quality Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition by …

  • promoting the highest levels of personal achievement in education
  • bringing the light of Christ to every student
  • recognising, nurturing and celebrating the God given qualities of every member of our community
  • promoting opportunities for service to the community and to each other

The strategic Vision of St Edmund’s was revised and updated in early 2019.  The Strategic Vision has been extended to include 2022 due to the current covid environment.

For more information, view our Strategic Priorities for 2019-2021 below.

Strategic Vision 2019 – 2021

Annual College Improvement Plan 2022