Defence Support Program
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Defence Support Program

As an initiative of the Defence Community Organisation program, St Edmund’s College has a dedicated position of a Defence Support Mentor (DSM) who provides a range of support, information and referral to students from mobile Australian Defence Force (ADF) families.

The role of the Defence Support Mentor

The DSM works with Defence families to ease the transition between schools and education systems whilst supporting students to build on their strengths, self-reliance and confidence, and assisting young people to develop strategies for coping with change and stressors due to relocation or parental absence due to deployment, exercises or courses.

The DSM also provides information about Defence Community Organisation and Defence Special Needs Support Group to assist our Defence Families.

War Memorial School

As a War Memorial School, St Edmund’s College opened its doors in 1954 in dedication to all the ‘old boys’ of Australian Christian Brothers schools who had lost their lives in World War One and World War Two. Currently, the College caters to over 70 Students of ADF families and in line with the Edmund Rice ethos, helps to educate and form young men of diverse needs to strive for their best, to be compassionate and of service to others.