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Alumni Project

The connection that St Edmund’s College has with its alumni has always been of great importance. Maintaining an engaged and supportive alumni network is crucial to the on-going success of St Edmund’s College, and we are eager to continue this engagement so that our alumni are always informed of all progress and growth of the College, as well as College events.

The alumni network that we have already developed has been extremely beneficial to our current students. We are already seeing this in a number of ways. The very popular annual Careers Expo provides old boys with an opportunity to work with our current students in guiding them when choosing their career pathways. The Old Boys and Friends Association has also been working consistently with the College to foster community spirit and a strong sense of Eddies pride. Keeping in contact with alumni provides the College with the opportunity to recognise alumni for their achievements in a tangible way in which the College can cultivate its sense of community and continue to thrive as part of the broader community.

Although the College does have an email contact database, individual email addresses change over time, and others who are not currently on the database may want to be included, therefore we are keen to update and consolidate this database. We would like to invite new, past and present members to update contact information via the registration form below.

Please note that contact information will remain confidential and will be used by the College to communicate general College-related information, including the St Edmund’s College Foundation and the Old Boys & Friends Association. This could include information about upcoming events, class reunions, enrolments, or ways in which you may wish to become involved in the College community.

We would also ask that you please forward this page to anyone that may like to stay connected with the College. 

For further information or clarification please contact our Community Development Team at development@sec.act.edu.au