Captains Corner - 2020 Vision!

Captains Corner – 2020 Vision!

I would like to extend a huge welcome back to the whole school community. In particular, I would like to welcome our new families to the college. I promise that in a matter of time, you will become overwhelmed with the inclusiveness of our community.

About myself, I’m a big, proud Eddies boy that started at the college way back in year 4, 2012. 8 years later, I’m going into my final year at the school and I’m looking forward to making endless memories as a year 12 cohort and as a whole school community. My family has a very short, yet proud history at the college. My brother who is a very proud Eddies boy graduated from the school in 2014 and was fortunate enough to also be the college captain. My parents also try involving themselves in the community whenever and wherever possible. Ever since I started at Eddie’s, I have been heavily involved in co-curricular activities. These activities include rugby, cricket, and basketball. I couldn’t encourage participation in these activities enough, it is a great opportunity to make new mates and stay fit. Although my involvement in co-curriculars has been heavily revolved around sport, there are options to suit every boy.

2020 promises to be another big year for the college as we continue to improve our school while strongly keeping intact with our proud 66-year history. As the school goes into another year, it’s everyone’s role to contribute to the great legacy of the school. By going to Eddies, we don’t just represent the school itself, but the 11,000 men that have come through the doors before us. This year we have a particular focus on forming respectful relationships with everyone around us. The relationships we have with people around us are crucial in forming the young men of vibrant spirit and strong character that we are.

At the moment, we are getting prepared for a busy term. Athletics and swimming carnivals are just around the corner and both the heads of houses and house captains are planning events and themes. Grades 7 and 10 are preparing for their camps while year 12 is preparing for their retreat. Summer sports will soon come to a close and winter sports will get into preseason training. We are also in the midst of planning for the annual school mass at St Christopher’s Cathedral in Manuka. These activities are just the tip of the iceberg with so many other activities going on behind the scenes.

In conclusion, to the Year 12 cohort, it’s our last year so let’s make the most of what we have left. To the school as a whole, remember our schooling is a marathon, not a sprint. Start the year off well and keep building momentum.

Sam Gibson (College Captain)

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