Easter Celebrations

More than just one day 

On Thursday 28th March, we celebrated Holy Thursday. We held two liturgies which carried great significance for us as a Catholic school.

Thursday in Holy Week commemorates the institution of the Eucharist as well as a powerful lesson in servant leadership. These lessons were made real life for both Junior School and High school as the senesce in the Upper Room was acted out. This scene is both dramatic and profound as Jesus knows who will betray him and what his fate will be.

The Junior School Liturgy was beautifully coordinated by Ms Bridget Cusack with students taking a seat at the table with Christ and was held in the Chapel. The High school Liturgy was held in the Hall and was led by Fr Chris Eaton, Captains and Youth Ministry Team.

Both celebrations shared the Word of God and deepened our understanding of the significance of Holy Thursday. Students were encouraged to reflect on the lessons of humility, service, and sacrifice exemplified by Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. This act of servitude serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of compassion and selflessness in our lives.

Stations of the Cross were also performed in the High School Liturgy which also challenged us to consider ways that we too carry our crosses and walking along Jesus can give us strength in trying times.

With Easter Sunday, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, the triumph of life over death and good over evil. We are promised eternal life and that God’s Kingdom will have no end. This week, we still celebrate Easter as we enter the Octave. Each day we are invited to reflect on a different account of the resurrection of Jesus. Each with its own message.

Here are passages for each day and reflections:

  • Easter Tuesday is John 20:11-18. We read Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene asking her to tell the disciples that he is risen
  • Holy Wednesday – Luke 24:13-35.  We read Jesus appearing to his disciples on the Road to Emmaus. A powerful example of Christ walking along side us. Have a read of it and this week we will see a different account each day
  • Holy Thursday is Luke 24:35-48.  We read Jesus appearing to his disciples and speaks about how he fulfilled the Jewish scriptures and prophecies. A fulfilment of God’s word and promise.
  • Holy Friday is John 21:1-14.  We read Jesus appearing to his disciples as they are fishing. A beautiful parallel to his ministries- it was at this moment they recognised him.

Easter continues for 50 days leading up to Pentecost. This period is one of joy and celebration for new life and new beginnings have conquered all. We are grateful to be able to celebrate this in our St Edmund’s Community.

Carmela Wilson
Assistant Principal Mission & Identity