Captain’s Corner – Pushing Through

This week was a “stock standard” week with students keeping their head down and continuing to work hard chipping away as the end of the year grows nearer. Senior school boys have been working hard to finish the last of their assignments as exam week is less than three weeks away.

The Community was presented with the 2021 College Leaders on Friday and I, as a Captain, could not be more pleased with our successors who have demonstrated their commitment to the College. Our School Captain Baden Godfrey has been as dedicated to his First 15 Rugby as he has been with getting DUX of his year; he is a confident leader who inspires boys by his actions. Jack Hodges (Vice Captain Academic) is a hard worker who exhibits a strong work ethic and has always shown pride for the school. Max Page (Vice Captain Service) is a leader within the schools Indigenous community and is always a part of the landscape of the school including rugby, cricket, tutoring and defence activities. Eden Mordike (Vice Captain Mission) has been challenged in other schools as a defence boy and offers a fresh perspective on ways we can improve our college and trains rigorously for rowing. I wanted to write about these boys because I want the community to have full faith in our boys this year as a members of the community and leaders.

As the end of the year approaches so does the restlessness amongst the students and so we must maintain our vision that we have consistently held throughout then year. Boys must go back to reflect upon their SMART goals and reflect on how far they have come over the year through its adversity and keep pushing to go further. I ask parents to make sure their sons are maintaining routine. The common theme here is maintenance. At the end of the year students do not need to change anything they just need to keep going and not take their foot off the accelerator.

I hope I have, to some extent, provided you with some motivation to finish the year with grit and power and look forward to a new leadership team to guide you through next year. I hope each and everyone of you have a great week.

Tyler Greenhalgh
College Vice Captain

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