‘If you haven’t started studying by the time the fluff falls.....’

‘If you haven’t started studying by the time the fluff falls…..’

A balanced and organised approach to study is the key to success

As the days grow longer and the temperature steadily increases it is a timely reminder that the end of the academic year is quickly approaching. This is the ideal opportunity for students to revisit their SMART goals for this semester and to evaluate if they are still on track or if adjustments need to be made in time for the submission of final assessment prior to the commencement of the end of year exams.

At this time of year, it is not unusual for students to lament that they feel overwhelmed by their academic load or are unsure where to focus their energy in relation to assignments and the preparation for exams.

Balance is the key

Often it is hard to see the finish line when there are so many competing priorities. Students need to ask themselves the following questions:

  • Am I balancing my social/co-curricular/work commitments with my academic goals?
  • Am I dedicating my time to things that are important to me?
  • How much time does social media take away from my day?
  • Am I on track to achieve the goals I set out to achieve this semester?
  • Am I getting enough sleep?There is a significant body of research to show that a good night’s sleep improves performance and mental well-being.


When a student is feeling overwhelmed, the simple act of writing a list of tasks to be accomplished turn an impossible list into a manageable one.

  • List all assessment and the due dates
  • List all commitments – sport/social/family
  • Create a planner that shows an overview of the remainder of the year including assessment/exam dates, sport, social and family commitments
  • Collate all your resources for your assessment in one place.


Give exams the respect they deserve and dedicate time to revising, even attempting a few questions each night goes a long way. Use tried and tested note-taking methods such as Cornell Notes or programs such as Anki or Quizlet for revising concepts.

Access College Resources

Use the resources that the College has on offer.

Teachers– if you need assistance, would like to submit a draft or require guidance for your assessment or exams then your teacher is a great resource to access.

Head of House and/or Tutor – they are always available to sit down and have a chat if you need guidance or are struggling during the assessment period.

The College Tutoring program runs every day in the senior library from 3:30 – 5 pm. Every day there are teachers from each faculty area as well Year 11 & 12 students available to assist students in completing their assignments or revising for exams.

Frances Sargeant – House Assistant (Tracey / O’Brien)