Learning - How to Light the Fire

Learning – How to Light the Fire

Being a good learner is not something that you are born with.  A child’s willing to learn comes down to their personality, aptitude and receiving the right motivation.  This motivation is not only developed in the classroom. Intellectual, social and academic growth needs to be extended outside the walls of the classroom and into everyday life.

Below are 12 proven tips that will motivate your son to learn.

  1. Develop an atmosphere of reading – Develop a love for reading in the home. Reading newspapers, novels, or magazines, something that your son is interested in.
  2. Put your son in the driver’s seat as much as possible – Let your son take control and direct their learning.
  3. Encourage open and sincere communication – Give your son an opportunity to express his concerns. Let him feel that his opinion matters.
  4. Focus on your son’s interests – encourage your son to explore topics that he is very interested in.
  5. Introduce and encourage different types of learning styles – Which one is your son. Visual, auditory, Verbal, logical, physical, socially, solitary learner.
  6. Share your enthusiasm for learning – Be interested in your son’s education. Learn with him.
  7. Make learning fun through game-based learning – Playing everyday games connects with their learning.
  8. Focus on what he’s learning, not his performance – Instead of asking about a Maths exam result, ask what did you learn in maths today
  9. Help your son stay organized – Being organised and ready for the day. Overwhelmed students become easily frustrated.
  10. Recognize and celebrate achievements – Recognise and celebrate all achievements big and small
  11. Focus on strengths – Being positive and focussing on strengths is vital to healthy academic development and progress.
  12. Make every day a learning day – Every day is a learning day.

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David Mead (Head of Clancy)