Making Progress

A time for reflection on academic progress

Students from Years 7-12 receive their progress reports this week. These reports give students an indication of their academic progress after the first term of the year. For some, this will be confirmation of the hard work they have put into their school work this year. For others, it will be a reminder of the challenges they have faced this term.

The beauty of progress reports is that they give students and families information to work with. Sonic Learning (https://soniclearning.com.au/5-tips-for-dealing-with-a-poor-school-report/) have compiled five helpful hints to manage a less than ideal school report. There is some great advice contained in this article, perhaps most importantly ‘don’t panic’ and ‘don’t give up’.  Reports give parents an opportunity to talk with their sons about school work and to openly address his strengths and weaknesses, how to improve and build confidence.

There are plenty of support systems available at the College, including after school tutoring and working with classroom teachers through the drafting process. Encouraging your son to be his own advocate is a powerful skill to cultivate and by taking control of his own learning, he will feel empowered to seek help and make the necessary changes to improve his outcomes.

Claire Devlin
Head of Clancy House

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