Student Wellbeing Report

As we embark on another exciting and busy journey through the academic school year, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on and celebrate the essence of what makes the Eddie’s community so special. Eddies has always promoted an environment of collaboration and unity and this has been particularly evident just within the first week of this term.

It was heart warming to see so many of our young people enjoying themselves in the School of Rock production last week and the pure joy and exhilaration they felt on stage. The massive efforts of the Creative Arts team ensured that our young people shone on stage and did their families proud. It was also great to see the unity of our community, with so many of the rugby seniors heading to the musical following their jersey presentation evening.

In the tapestry of our school year, feast days serve as vibrant threads, weaving together cultural richness and shared joy. Last Friday we got to celebrate Founder’s Day where we recognised Blessed Edmund Rice and his legacy of the Christian Brothers. The day was marked with so many special moments:

  • Seniors dressed up in former school uniforms at the Mass
  • Christian Brothers gathering together who either went to Eddies or taught at Eddies.
  • Seniors running their Market Day stalls and the students enjoying the festivities.
  • The House Versus House relay and Tug-of-War challenges where Mulrooney and Haydon were victorious.
  • Various members of our community receiving awards in recognition of the amazing work they do.

These special occasions provide invaluable opportunities for students to unite together for a common purpose, foster a further understanding of the history of our community and deepen their connection with their peers.

As the Winter co-curricular season kicks off, we recognise that at the core of our community lies so many dedicated individuals whose unwavering commitment keeps the College moving forward. Teachers, parents, staff, volunteers and students alike all join hands in this nurturing environment where we strive to make each individual feel valued and supported.

As we look ahead to the coming weeks and months, let us carry forward the vibrant spirit that was shown over the past week into our academic pursuits, upcoming events, co-curricular activities, workplaces and community endeavours. It is our shared values of inclusivity and collaboration that makes Eddies truly special and it is hoped that we continue to build our community to be even greater at embracing a sense of togetherness.

Uniform Reminders

  • Puffer jackets are to be worn over Blazers and school jumpers not instead of.
  • Eddies Hoodies and other sports attire are not part of the uniform and will be confiscated if worn.
  • School socks need to be worn.
  • All boys need to be clean shaven and piercings removed.

Monica Day-
Assistant Principal Student Wellbeing