Year 12 House Farewells - A Family Affair

Year 12 House Farewells – A Family Affair

‘Schools have an important responsibility in helping to nurture and teach future generations and families trust schools to provide educational foundations for their children’s future.  At the same time, schools need to recognise the primary role of the family in education.  This is why it is important for families and schools to work together in partnership’. – (

On Wednesday 14 November, each House group celebrated the culmination of 13 years of schooling for our Year 12 students. The House is often referred to as the students ‘extended or surrogate family’ and occasions such as this are therefore emotional, individualised and intimate events for the teachers, students and their families.

For me, personally, the House farewells and graduation showcase what this school does best; work with families to raise a quality young man. This school has a strong culture and tradition of walking with families to help boys travel the often bumpy road through adolescence. The relationships that this school forges with families, is one of the things that keeps my love and passion for this school going. Over the next two weeks, I will farewell the youngest of four boys from one family from my House and in one way, it will be very sad not to have the regular contact I have had for over 15 years with this family and others like it. Yet in another way, it is a joyous time as I know the connection I have made personally and professionally with many of the students and their families will continue in the future; for me, that is what community and school and parents partnerships is all about.

The importance the teachers, admin staff and leaders within the College place on relationships and developing a boy’s sense of belonging generates a lifelong connection and sense of loyalty. This school serves as a reminder for them of being part of something much greater than themselves and a place they can always return to should life throw them a curve ball. Our group of Old Boys continue to be strong advocates for the College and I have no doubt that a new influx of quality, talented, forthright and loyal men will soon join the ranks of the Old Boys and Friends Association.

Leanne Gair (Head of Treacy House)