Geography – Why it Matters

Geography – Why it Matters

St Edmund’s is re-introducing Geography in Years 9 and 10. Geography is not just about flags, where countries are and longitude and latitude, it is more focused on human geography and sustainability as we are move through the 21st Century.

We know where Iraq is on a map, but what do we really know about the people? In a more connected world, instead of focusing on the differences in cultures, we should instead have a focus on what is the same. Is a 15 year old in Australia really that different from a 15 year old in Iraq? They both have families, they probably both go to school, and they more than likely have access to social media. When we focus on the similarities rather than the differences, the picture changes and this is Human Geography.

The world is more connected today than ever before. Many businesses today are globalized; it will be rare for a student to leave school and work in isolation. It is important that students are able to see problems and solutions from different points of view. Further, learning about problems is not enough, students need to be able to put forward ideas and solutions. We do this in Geography.

There is growing global crises ranging from migration to pandemics and climate change. Students should be aware of rising sea levels, warming climate, diminishing bee colonies and the list goes on. This is not meant to scare students, instead it is to raise awareness and again, put forward ideas and solutions.

Geography matters as this is our world and we need to protect it for us and future generations.

Kylie Rose (Coordinator of SOSE)

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