Lunch with the Archbishop

Last Friday our Year 9 and 10 Youth Ministry team attended a lunch with the Archbishop and other Youth Ministry students from Catholic colleges in the Archdiocese. The event gave everyone the opportunity to gather and listen to each other through a range of activities and talks. Students shared how they animated their faith with others in their particular school and encouraged each other to do more in this important area.

The Archbishop shared that Jesus was a ‘come and see’ person and invite the students and staff present to do the same in sharing the Good News. After coming and seeing and learning about Jesus he instructed passionately that all present ‘go and tell’. This simple message is such an important one for all present to hear. To learn about Jesus and the Catholic faith is key, though we’re called to make one more crucial step in evangelization which is to share these learnings as best we can. One individual student or person can have a profound effect on a community as Jesus did, though the true strength is on the ability to follow and to be a disciple.

To see young people asking the big questions of faith in our schools is cause for celebration. Well done to those courageous students discerning their path in the world through developing their faith.

Michael Monagle
Assistant Principal – Mission & Identity

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