Teachers go undefeated for the 5th straight year

On Tuesday 30th November the annual staff v students basketball game was played in the “Wayne Kaye” Gymnasium.  Having been undefeated for the previous four years the teachers were coming in with a lot of confidence.  However with a lot of personnel change in the off season the students thought this was the year they were going to take down Mr Richardson aka The GOAT.  Having a team led by Doug Campbell and Will Grame, the students boasted a line-up that had both perimeter and inside depth.  As always the boys thought they were world beaters but the likes of Mr Monagle, Mr Masters and Mr Bibbens put a stop to that quickly.  Having gone down early, the staff responded with Mr Monagle draining two threes, he thanked the big guy upstairs for helping him out during the game.  “I prayed before the game that I would have help from above.  He came through in a big way for me today”. With the clock winding down and the game in the bag a few tears were seen amongst the students and they realised it would be another year for a shot at redemption.  Thank you to all staff and students who played the game in great spirit.

Joel Richardson
Head of Health & Physical Education