Teaching and Learning – Back in the classroom

Teaching and Learning – Back in the classroom

The return of face to face teaching and learning this week for senior and junior students has been met with equal parts excitement and anxiousness by students and teachers alike following the period of remote learning and COVID-19 restrictions. But we know that being in the classroom is going to see the best achievement from the boys and we look forward to seeing them engaging with their learning and taking advantage of the support networks here at the College to help them succeed.

Students returning are encouraged to take full advantage of having the ability to easily ask questions and seek clarification on classwork of their teachers along with gaining help on any of the work covered at home in previous weeks. Students who are continuing with remote learning following the return of their year group will still have access via Canvas to class content and learning activities although  teachers will not be setting explicit ‘engagement expectations’. Students should be proactive in seeking assistance via email with their teachers although responses may not be possible at the same time as the lesson.

Whilst every effort will be made to make the transition back into the classroom as smooth as possible it is understandable some students may feel overwhelmed, particularly regarding any assessments. We would like to remind  and encourage all students and their parents, either who have returned to face to face or are continuing with remote teaching and learning to speak to their teachers, tutors, Heads of Faculty, Heads of House or the teaching and learning office when difficulties arise so early assistance may be provided and strategies implemented.

Programs including Homework Club and Tutoring which may assist students will commence in Weeks 5 and 6 respectively although limitations will be in place.

Looking forward to returning to the dynamic and vibrant teaching and learning environment that Eddies provides.

Dale Argall
Coordinator of Teaching and Learning

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