The Final Movement

With the days feeling longer and our young men of Year 12 tired, yet resilient, heading towards the steep face of their final 2 weeks, it’s important to not get lost but focus on the goal ahead by reflecting on what has brought us to this moment. From the very beginning of the year with our boys taking their responsibilities as seniors of the college, the idea of being leaders and role-models had not startled their spirits for a single moment. Their hard-work, determination, and most critically, their care for one another over the course of a difficult year had delivered them with a not just wonderful, but memorable evening in the form of the Year 12 Formal which occurred last Friday. Everything from elegant exotic cars, picturesque views, to pink velvet blazers, they all came together to tie off a chapter in their schooling lives and allow time for our boys to begin the final steps in a journey towards the end. Like an orchestra’s rising climax with strings rung high and the tension building, exam week is looming over the shoulders of each young man approaching the light at the end. However, knowing the strong will those men carry and the support from their loved ones, I but only have high hopes that they can come out on top. Having the next week being full of activities to help transition each senior to the eventual graduation date, morals are high thanks to the efforts of staff recognizing the importance of this period.

With Year 6 boys to Year 7 young men, Year 11 boys to Year 12 leaders, and Year 12 seniors to our society’s future role-models, St. Edmunds College is in the stage of an exciting time. I wish only the best for parents and boys nearing the end of this term and hope the next two weeks to be fruitful for our senior boys. We are in our college’s Final Movement for 2021.

Eden Mordike
Vice-Captain Mission