Year 10 Camp

This year’s Year 10 Camp has again proven to be a transformative experience for students from all walks of life, gaining a wealth of benefits that have extend far beyond the concrete school grounds, edgy classrooms and projectile footballs on every blade of grass of St Edmund‘s College. Through the camp’s focus on outdoor education, students have not only learned about the environment but have also developed key life skills that will serve them well into the future.

One of the standout features of Year 10 Camp was its emphasis on experiential learning. Students have had the opportunity to try new activities, such as canoeing, cooking, high ropes and bushwalking, that have challenged them both physically and mentally. This hands-on approach has not only developed their physical ability but has also helped them continue to build resilience and confidence. As a result, many students whilst around a campfire, shared how proud they felt when they accomplished something they initially thought was difficult, highlighting their growth in self-confidence.

The camp’s focus on teamwork and social interaction has also had an insightful impact on this year’s group of young men. By working together to overcome challenges, students had the opportunity to improve their communication skills and learn the value of collaboration. This will undoubtedly benefit them in their future academic and professional endeavour.

Furthermore, the camp’s immersive experience in nature has helped students develop a deeper appreciation for the environment, in particular the ability to be offline for 3 days without any devices has been a real highlight. Many have expressed how the camp has inspired them to take better care of their surroundings and to seek out more opportunities to explore the natural world.

Overall, Year 10 Camp has proven to be a worthwhile investment in students’ education and personal development. The opportunity for skills and values that students may have gained, such as resilience, teamwork, and environmental awareness, should stay with them long after they have left the campgrounds, ensuring that their time at Camp Somerset has had a lasting impact on them.

The camp would not have been such a great success, had not been for the tireless efforts of both students and staff. The staff who gave up their time were Mr Andrew Riethmuller, Mr Matthew Woolnough, Mr Nathan Metcalfe, Ms Tanisha Elliot, Mr Jack Stephinson and Ms Monica Day. A special mention must go out to none other than Mrs Alana Beard, who spearheaded the Year 10 Camp and was instrumental in this year’s camp success. But for now, the Year 10s are back to the concrete jungle with their newfound skills and their appreciation of the outdoors, mobile reception and wifi connectivity.


Tim MacArthur-
Head of Rice House