College Captain Article

Easter time is near, and I often ponder the significance it has for all of us. It’s not only about the chocolate eggs and bunnies; it’s also about sacrifice, resurrection, unity, and family. These are the themes that reflect not only what Easter means but are also an opportunity for us to reminisce about Term 1 and what family, unity and sacrifice means to us all.

For those who are religious, Easter is a season of sacrifice. Jesus’ sacrifice reminds us of the care and absolute selflessness he gave to humanity. Even though Easter is primarily a time of sadness, to remember the suffering of Jesus Christ, it also offers an opportunity for celebration. It marks the occasion with joy for his resurrection and our coming together in fellowship.

Coming back to school this year, there have been some struggles and instances that have challenged us, but they have also made us stronger. Recently at the First XV rugby trials against St. Augustine’s, the Sydney team outshone us significantly on the field and in the grandstand – St. Edmund’s was outnumbered by Augustine’s boys on our own home soil. This was hard to see, but I also see this as a challenge for St. Edmund’s to raise the bar even higher, and show the determination of our school spirit, striving for excellence in every Endeavour whether that may be Academic endeavours, extracurricular activities, or creative projects. I want our community to rally and support each other in all aspects of College life.

Recently on the Year 12 retreat we got to hear about various staff and students’ stories and the trials and tribulations that have helped to form the character of each individual. I hope that every St Edmund’s student can start to take a moment each day to think about something new they learn and what can help them to grow to become a better human being.

I hope that over this Easter, when we gathered with family and friends, that we embraced the joys of celebrating, created memories that will last forever and looked upon this time as an occasion to bond closer than ever before. Above all, I hope it was a time to cherish the values of faith, love, and community in our lives. Happy Easter!

Clay Meddemmen
Vice Captain – (Justice & Solidarity)