College Captain Article

Exciting Times at St Edmund’s
This week I want to highlight the buzz around St Edmund’s community. With an action-packed schedule, the past week has been filled with exceptional achievements and celebrations.

Founders Day:
The morning began with a serene and heartfelt Founders Day Mass. Students, staff, and parents gathered to celebrate the school’s legacy and our Founder, Blessed Edmund Rice and the work he began with the Christian Brothers. The Mass was filled with uplifting hymns, reflective prayers, and readings, reminding the St Edmund’s community of the values and unity that underpin our shared journey, as well as a special surprise, with a couple of our school leaders reflecting the heritage of being Eddies boys, with rugby jerseys and school uniforms from the past brought back to the present day.

Following the conclusion of Mass, the school was bustling with energy during the annual Market Day. Students and teachers came together for a vibrant display of creativity and collaboration. Stalls were adorned with unique products and inventive marketing pitches that showcased the entrepreneurial spirit of our students. The event was a huge success, helping our young minds understand the principles of business and marketing.

We then finished the day with House versus House challenges, where all students got into the competitive spirit to cheer on each team.

Winter Sports Kick-off:
Rugby and soccer began on the weekend and as I am a rugby player, I can report on the senior rugby success. The Senior teams had electrifying victories as we triumphed against Grammar School. The 3rd XV dominated their match with a decisive 57-7 win. The 2nd XV followed suit with an equally impressive 50-5 victory. The 1st XV capped off the day, sealing a strong 51-10 win, setting an excellent tone for the season. Their commitment, teamwork, and sportsmanship stood out, promising a successful winter campaign.

School Musical:
The school musical left the audience in awe with its outstanding performances, stunning set design, and impressive choreography. The talent on display was remarkable, from soaring solos to ensemble harmonies that brought the story to life. The behind-the-scenes crew ensured everything ran smoothly, making it an unforgettable event for everyone involved.

ANZAC Day Assembly:
The ANZAC Day Assembly was a solemn occasion where students and staff gathered to honour the brave men and women who have served. The heartfelt tributes and readings made for a moving experience, reminding everyone of the importance of unity and remembrance. The assembly reinforced the values of respect and gratitude in the St Edmund’s community.

Rugby Jersey Presentation:
The senior rugby jersey presentation ceremony brought the players together in a moment of pride and anticipation. The jerseys were handed out to the senior teams, with each player receiving their number. This traditional event fosters a deep sense of camaraderie and commitment to representing St Edmund’s on the field. The players will wear their jerseys with pride, knowing they are part of something bigger than themselves.

With so much happening in the first week back of this term, let’s hope we can keep the energy and enthusiasm alive.

Zeal Taiatini
Rice House Captain