Farewell Year 12

Last week on Friday saw the most important event of the Year 12 Rites of Passage Week take place at various venues across the College. The House Farewells mark the last day of school for our Year 12s before their final exams and Graduation Day. At the Farewell the Heads of House, Tutors and students from Year 7-11 have the opportunity to share their memories of Year 12, and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

The House Farewell at St Edmund’s College holds profound significance as it provides a poignant platform for bidding farewell and bestowing well-wishes upon the graduating Year 12 students. This event serves as a heartfelt culmination of the academic journey, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie within each House. It allows both peers and mentors, especially House Tutors, to express gratitude, share memories, and offer words of encouragement to our graduating students. Beyond the academic realm, the House Farewell is a transformative experience, marking a transition from one chapter of life to another. The collective act of bidding goodbye not only strengthens the bonds formed within the House but also propels the graduates towards their future endeavours with a sense of support and positive energy. This tradition is an embodiment of the nurturing ethos at St Edmund’s College, emphasising the enduring impact of relationships and the interconnectedness of the educational journey and personal growth. It also serves as an opportunity to invite families into the College to witness and be a part this transition. There are special moments and funny anecdotes at each Farewell. For me, the best part are the Tutor affirmations when our Tutors share the best stories and fondest memories for each of our Year 12s.

Every year is a wonderful celebration across the College and 2023 has been no exception.

Anna Blore –
Head of O’Brien House