Year 12- End the Year the Right Way

This year’s Year 12 ended the year with respect, dignity and respect.

Year 12 Graduation is a time of mixed emotions. As a Head of House, the journey involves significant dedication for many years alongside the boys, and with the guidance of their parents, we witness remarkable growth during their pivotal senior years. It’s a process of shaping them into the individuals we envision, only to see them step into new chapters just as we feel we’ve made our mark.

The commencement of Graduation Day unfolded last week at St Stephen’s Cathedral. A standout moment was Damian Jelf-Smith’s farewell address as the College Vice-Captain, a heartfelt speech that resonated not only with his immediate peers but with the entire College community. It’s never easy following in the footsteps of a big brother, but I think it is safe to say Damian has done an admirable job of blazing a path uniquely his own.

The subsequent College Assembly served as a fitting tribute, celebrating the academic and service achievements of all the departing students. Liuaki ae Lotu Perival’s speech underscored the historical significance of having two Pasifika boys leading the College Captaincy— each were an embodiment of leadership that fortifies the College as a whole. I strongly believe that the Pasifika program adds immense value to the College community. Hamish Chapman’s reflective speech during the assembly delved into his transformative journey, encapsulating the overarching theme of growth and change. Another very touching moment was the Haka delivered by the younger Pasifika boys – a fitting and awe-inspiring moment.

In the evening, the celebration   with the Graduation Dinner at the Hellenic Club, where numerous awards were bestowed upon deserving recipients. Devereaux Tapelu’s speech stood out, illustrating a year led with quiet confidence. Dev’s ability to garner the respect and admiration of both students and teachers is a testament to his authentic and engaging leadership style.

The Year 12 cohort, in their final moments, carried themselves marked by respect, dignity, and integrity. Their exemplary conclusion to the academic year sets a promising tone for their future endeavours. We wish them the very best, confident that the foundation they laid in their final year will propel them toward success. As they step into the next chapter of their lives, they carry not just a Graduation Certificate but a wealth of experiences and the potential to make a meaningful impact on the world.

Jeff Vayo –
Head of Clancy House