College Captain Article

The end of the Year 12’s journey at the college is fast approaching. This is a moment that prompts a deep reflection of our time here at the College. I know for many of us, it feels like only yesterday we were standing at the bottom of the school entrance steps as nervous young boys looking up to the first day of our Eddie’s journey. Along the way, we have had some additions and some subtractions throughout; but one constant has remained—our brotherhood. Together we have learnt and we have grown from those young boys into young men.

As we progressed through the ranks, trading in our junior uniforms for senior ones, we realised that we were no longer the ones looking up to others; we had become the one’s the younger students looked up to. The buddy program made it abundantly clear the responsibility that comes with being an older brother and the example we automatically become for the younger students. It’s been a journey filled with endless support both at home and at school, and it’s through this support that we’ve learned to take life seriously and progress toward becoming the best young men we can be.

Along the way, our journey has been a series of challenges and triumphs that have contributed significantly to our personal development. We’ve learned to build resilience when faced with setbacks and difficulties. Resilience is not merely about bouncing back from adversity; it’s about the strength to endure and the wisdom to learn from these experiences. The setbacks we’ve encountered have, in fact, become stepping stones, allowing us to rise stronger and more determined. In these moments of adversity, we’ve also discovered new depths of our courage. Despite what you may think, courage is not the absence of fear but rather the willingness to confront our fears and uncertainties. Through our time at the college, we’ve mustered courage we didn’t know that we had. Whether it was speaking in front of a class, taking on leadership roles, or pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones, we’ve demonstrated remarkable bravery.

Our journey has been an exploration of self. We’ve navigated through the labyrinth of our own identities, unearthing our strengths, acknowledging our weaknesses, and celebrating our unique qualities. This process of self-discovery has equipped us with a deep sense of self-awareness and a profound understanding of who we are and who we aim to become. In this process of self-discovery, we’ve witnessed tremendous personal growth in ourselves and in each other. We’ve evolved from young, uncertain boys to confident, mature young men. Our journey has nurtured us not only academically but also emotionally, socially, and morally. We’ve absorbed the values and principles of our school, which have become an integral part of our character.

Next week, the Year 12 students will embark on the Farewell Rites of Passage Week. This week will be marked by special events each day, providing us with an opportunity to reflect on our transition from school to the world beyond, armed with a greater sense of maturity and a deeper understanding of our own identities. This week holds immense significance as we transition from childhood to adulthood. It’s a time when we pack our backpacks with the skills, knowledge, values, and rich culture we’ve learned and cultivated in our journey at St. Edmund’s over the years. We will forever carry these treasures with us, ready to make a real difference in the world.

We’re all extremely grateful for the opportunities provided by the school and the endless and continuous support of our greater community.

Christus Lux Mea; Christ is my light

Liuaki ae Lotu Percival –
College Vice Captain Justice & Solidarity